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You can use the parameters described below in addition to the standard parameters of an activity.



You use this parameter if you want the system to generate alerts. To do so, enter the value X. If you do not use the parameter, the system suppresses all alerts.


You can use this parameter in the activity WAPE instead of the parameter SINGLEWAPE.

Parameter SCORERANGE refers to the time frame that you specified for the activity. You can use this parameter to specify the first periods of this time frame that you want the system to consider for determining the valid data source. The result is then valid for the entire time frame of the activity.

For example, you have specified a time frame of six periods for the parameter PERIOD_SELECT and a time frame of three periods for the parameter SCORERANGE. The system then looks for the data source in which the WAPE value is lowest within the first three periods of the time frame specified for the activity. Then the system transfers the total of the baseline forecast values and promotion values of this data source to the combined key figure for all six periods.


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