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Procedure documentation Creating a Selection in Interactive Demand Planning Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      You have created the Demand Planning master data.

       2.      You have created time series objects for the planning area.

       3.      You have created a planning book with a data view.



       1.      In interactive demand planning, click This graphic is explained in the accompanying text in the InfoObjects toolbar.

       2.      In the Object Selection dialog box, enter the object you want to show in the selection.

For example, you might enter Product group.

       3.      In the Object Selection dialog box, enter any further criteria that define the selection. At the very least, you must enter a version.

For example, you might enter version 000 and region Eastern.

       4.      Choose Save selection.


The selection for the example described above might look like this:


Product group

That fulfills the following conditions


APO planning version





To see the selection in a user selection profile, you must assign it to the profile. See Selection Management and Assigning a Selection in Interactive Demand Planning.



Note that all the selection conditions you enter in the shuffler are also included in the selection. In the above example the selection not only contains the product groups that belong to the Eastern region, but also the region itself. This means that if a product group exists in several regions, you can only maintain the planning data for the Eastern region with this selection.



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