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A characteristic value combination is the combination of characteristic values with which you want to plan. It is sometimes referred to as a characteristic combination. You can only plan data if you have defined such a combination.

Characteristic value combinations are planned for master planning object structures. The combinations are then valid for all planning areas based on this planning object structure.


There are two paths for accessing characteristic value combination maintenance. Both paths lead to the same screen.

·        On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Master Data ®Demand Planning Master Data ® Maintain Characteristic Values.

·        In S&DP Administration, select the relevant master planning object structure and then Create Char. Combination from the context menu.

In both cases, the Maintain Characteristic Combinations Relevant to Planning screen appears. Here you can perform the following activities:

·        Generate characteristic combinations

You use this option to generate characteristic combinations based on the contents of an InfoCube. The system checks which combinations of values exist in the InfoCube and creates them for the master planning object structure.

As a result, it is essential that the same characteristics are contained in the InfoCube and the master planning object structure. The InfoCube can contain more characteristics than the master planning object structure. Taking the above proviso into account, you can use any InfoCube to generate combinations.

See also Generating Master Data for DP.

·        Create individual characteristic combinations

You use this option if there is no suitable data stored in an InfoCube or the combinations of values is new, for instance, a new product. See also Structure linkCreating a Single Entry in the Master Data.

·        Display or delete existing characteristic combinations

See also Structure linkDisplay and Deletion of Characteristic Value Combinations.

During operation, new characteristic value combinations occur. For instance, your company introduces new products or products are manufactured at another location. SAP provides a realignment tool with which you create the new characteristic value combinations automatically. Fore more information, see Structure linkRealignment.

Another method of maintaining several characteristic value combinations is to edit the combinations in a flat file such as a Microsoft Excel file, upload this file to an InfoCube, and then use this InfoCube to generate the characteristic value combinations.




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