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This function is intended for use in over-planning or under-planning scenarios. For instance in the computer industry each PC normally has one hard disk drive.  However in some circumstances it is possible to buy a PC with two. The number of PCs and the other components that are produced remain constant, but you want to ensure that the correct number of hard disks are procured. This function enables this kind of planning.

After an initial disaggregation to CBF characteristics it is possible to make changes at detail level without these changes being added to the total on the aggregate level. However to ensure consistency this difference can be displayed in the planning table in a separate row.


You have created the necessary CBF tables and profiles for your products.

The key figures with which you work can have calculation types S- pro rata, P- based on another key figure or I- Pro rata, except for the initial disaggregation, which is based on another key figure.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

When you activate the component-oriented logic, the system introduces an additional line at detail level with the name CBF_DELTA. Depending on your settings this may or may not be visible. When you make a change at detail level, in the above example change the value for RED from 40 to 50, the system subtracts the difference from the CBF_DELTA line, in this example 10. As a result the sum of all details, including CBF_DELTA, remains constant.

If you then change an entry at the total (product) level, the difference is disaggregated consistently. This means the proportion assigned to each characteristic value, including CBF_DLETA, remains constant. 

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


You activate the component-oriented logic in integrated profile management for each table individually (usually you only want to activate the function for one or two characteristics). When maintaining the profile go the work area and select the required table. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Maintain comp. logic. A dialog box appears with two indicators.

Set the Use Component Logic indicator to activate the function.

Set the Display Difference indicator to display the difference (CBF_DELTA) in interactive planning. The default setting is that the difference is not displayed.


This additional line is modifiable in interactive planning. For instance you may wish to delete all entries for a particular key figure and time bucket. However, if you wish to make it read-only, you should create a macro using macro function ROW_INPUT.


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