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The consistency of planning area data is paramount importance for smooth execution of the Demand Planning processes. Changes in a planning area can result in inconsistencies in subordinate objects. These functions let you check the consistency of the data in various areas.


You can check the consistency of the following objects from planning area maintenance:

·        Notes table

·        Selection table

·        The planning books that use the planning area

·        The time series in LiveCache

Both notes and selections are stored internally in a table that is created together with the planning area. If the planning area is subsequently changed, for instance characteristics are created or deleted, the subordinate tables may not agree with the planning area. Such inconsistencies may cause the program to terminate. The check for selections is the same as the one you can access from selection management.

The system also checks the standard interfaces in SNP.

The fourth option is a consistency check for time series LiveCache objects. The system checks that the corresponding objects for the planning area exist in LiveCache. Other more specific checks are also available – see the F1 help for more details.

In several cases you can correct any inconsistencies that the system finds immediately. This of course depends on the severity of the problems found.


You start the consistencies checks from planning book maintenance. Choose Extras ® Consistency Checks and then the check you want to start. In all cases a further screen appears on which you can make the necessary detail settings. You the choose Execute to start the checks. An application log  appears after the checks have run. In it are listed:

¡        The checks that have run

¡        Any warnings.

¡        Any errors

It is also possible to schedule the checks as a background jobs by choosing Program ® Execute in Background.

Time Series Consistency Check

This check is only possible if time series objects exist for the planning area. This means that you have initialized at least one planning version. In a Demand Planning environment the menu option is called Time Series, in Supply Network Planning Initialized Planning Version.



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