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Process documentation Defining the Master Data for Demand Combination Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use the master data for demand combination to define the following:


·        The key figures in the planning book and the criteria for the comparisons you want the system to make.

·        The calculations you want the system to make for the individual values of the combined key figure.

·        The results you want the system to transfer to the combined key figure.


You define the master data for demand combination in the following sequence:


       1.      You create a characteristics group and assign it to the planning area of your demand plan. You then assign characteristics of your demand plan to the characteristics group.

       2.      You create conditions.

       3.      You create activities.

       4.      You create the decision tree with the conditions and activities you want. You end the decision tree with a finish activity. You activate the parameter values valid for the planning area for all the activities used in the decision tree.

       5.      You assign the decision tree to a characteristic values combination of the characteristics group from point 1.


When you start the demand combination run for a specific planning book, the system determines the corresponding decision tree using the planning area and the characteristic values combination.


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