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A promotion base forms the basis for a number of promotions. It specifies the characteristics that are to be used for planning promotions. Each promotion base is assigned a key figure.


Using a promotion base for planning promotions makes it easier to identify the effects of individual promotions. Furthermore it facilitates planning promotions at detail level. A promotion base is defined for a limited period. Two promotion bases can have the same or overlapping dates and the same characteristic combinations in the same planning area. They must however have different promotion key figures.

Each promotion base contains at least one characteristic, the promotion level. You must have defined a promotion level for a planning area, before you can define a promotion base for this planning area.

You create and edit promotion bases in a separate transaction (Demand Planning ® Planning ® Promotion ® Maintain Promotion Base). This enables you to restrict the number of users who are authorized to use the transaction. When you create a new promotion in the relevant planning area, you can then assign it to a promotion base. The system automatically loads the relevant information from the promotion base. In particular it determines the characteristics in the promotion base and the promotion key figure. It is configured so that in promotion planning you cannot assign values to characteristics that have not been included in the promotion base.

In the transaction for reporting on promotions (Demand Planning ® Planning ® Promotion ® Promotion Reporting) you can use promotion bases to report on individual promotions. For more information, see Reporting on Promotions.




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