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Function documentation User-Specific Settings in Interactive Planning Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This function allows you to maintain your own personal settings for interactive planning. You can, for instance, automatically load a selection when you open a planning book or drilldown immediately to a particular level. An administrator can also maintain user settings for several users or selections.


The user-specific settings apply only to interactive planning and not to collaborative planning.


You have created a planning book with at least one data view. For some user-specific settings a selection is necessary as well.


You can assign user settings at different levels. The most detailed level is planning book and data view, user, and selection. However, if settings are not available at this level, the system searches for settings that have been saved at a higher level, for instance, planning book/data view and user. In this case, a yellow traffic light appears on the relevant tab page instead of a green one.

You can save user-specific settings for the following functions:

·        Hide key figures

·        Specify unit for display

·        Specify navigation path for drilldown

·        Specify navigation path for display of dependent objects

·        Hide toolbar functions

·        Define path for pivot sorting

·        Miscellaneous functions such as “define initial selection”

For more information about the individual functions, see the online documentation (information button This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) in the function.


You have two options for calling this function:

From interactive planning

Users can create or change their settings for the current planning book and data view. In the selection section of the screen, they can only change the selection.

From the SAP Easy Access screen

This is the administrator or superuser view. Its usage should be restricted by making the relevant authorization settings for transaction /SAPAPO/SDPUSET. You choose Advanced Planning and Optimization ® Demand Planning ® Environment ® Current Settings ® User Settings for Interactive Planning. On the next screen, you can set a filter for the selection screen, for instance, you can restrict the display to a particular planning book or user. A list of existing user settings then appears. At this stage, you can copy user settings from one user to another. You select a line and choose the Create/change button to edit the settings. If you do not select any existing settings, you can create a new entry.





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