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You use this function to define the assignment of forecast profiles to the current planning area in more detail. For instance, you can assign a selection a particular forecast profile.


You have created forecast profiles for the planning area.


With this function you can:

     Assign selections to individual forecast profiles. In this case the profile for the selections used for forecasting, and not the profile that has been assigned to the planning area in general.

     Start various check tools for selections

     Specify different forecast key figures for different selections or versions

     Limit the validity period of an assignment


There are several ways to call this function.

     On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Advanced Planning and Optimization ® Demand Planning ® Environment ® Assign Forecast Profile to Selection.

     On the screens for the maintenance of the detailed forecast profiles (univariate, MLR, and composite), choose Goto ® Assignment.

A table appears with all the assignments that have been made for the current planning area.




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Assign selection

You use this function to find existing selections. Note that a selection must already exist, before you can assign a forecast profile. This means that you cannot assign a random characteristic value combination a forecast profile, if it does not exist as a selection.

You can also enter ranges.

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Assign profile to several selections

On the dialog box that appears you enter details of the profile to be assigned:

     Profile name


     Type of forecast

     Valid-to date (optional)

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Selection management

Here you can edit selections and start various tests. See Selections in Forecasting

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Display forecast key figure

Use this icon to display and change the forecast key figure. You can enter * here so that the assignment is valid for all forecast key figures in the planning area.

Finding Assignments to Forecast Profiles

When you call up forecasting for a selection from interactive planning, the system first checks whether a forecast profile has already been assigned to exactly the current selection. If it finds an assignment, it uses this profile. Otherwise a dialog box appears in which you manually assign a forecast profile.

You can also specify that the system is to assign selections that are subordinate to a certain selection to the same profile. To do so, on the Assign Forecast Profiles to a Selection screen, set the All Related Selections indicator (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) (accessed from forecast profile maintenance). For example, you have assigned a forecast profile to your selection (containing the characteristics values location = L1 and customer = SMITH) and you have set the All Related Selections indicator for this selection. In this case, the system assigns an additional selection that contains the characteristics values product = P1, location = L1 and customer = SMITH to the same forecast profile

If several possible assignments are possible, the system uses the selection that has the most characteristic values that agree.


This indicator can be used only for selections in which the characteristics have unique values. If, in the above example, you use the selection location = L1, location = L2 and customer = SMITH, then the Location characteristic is no longer unique. In such a  case, you cannot use the indicator.

The Business Add-In (/SAPAPO/SDP_FCST5) is available to determine how the system reacts if it finds several selections with the same number of characteristic values that agree.


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