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You must create source systems to be able to upload data into InfoCubes. The system distinguishes between:

·        SAP source system (Release 3.0D and onwards)

·        Business Information Warehouse systems

·        Flat files, whose Metadata is edited manually and is transferred using a file interface (for example Microsoft Excel files)

·        External systems, whose data and Metadata is transferred using BAPIs


Integration of different systems is an important feature of the solutions. The Integration of APO and R/3 documentation provides more details on the integration of APO and R/3.


In this context other SAP components such as the Business Information Warehouse (BW) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are similar to R/3. The integration is set up in the same manner.



Before you create a source system in the Administrator Workbench, you must have created logical systems to identify systems. You should include systems that are to work together in a Business System Group.

For more details, see Structure linkSetting Up the System Infrastructure and Data Transfer and Structure linkChecklist for Setting Up the System Infrastructure.


Communication with other SAP systems is through background users. You set up the users in both the APO system and the system with which you want to communicate. This user must have the necessary authorizations. In the source system these should include profile S_BI-WX_RFC

Furthermore you also need to have administrator authorizations in the source system.

For more details, see Structure linkSource System in the Business Information Warehouse documentation for the Administration Workbench




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