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Process documentation Creation of Planning Areas and Planning Books for Use in CBF Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Before you continue to set up the SAP APO system for Characteristics-Based Forecasting, you must create a planning area and planning books for the data.

Process Flow

In general you create planning areas and books as in Demand Planning (see Structure linkPlanning Area Administration and Structure linkPlanning Book Design). The following describes the differences to the standard case.

  1. You create a the master planning object structure as described in Structure linkWorking with Master Planning Object Structures. If you set the Char. based forecasting indicator, the characteristics required for CBF are automatically added to the planning object structure and are consequently included in the planning area that is based on this planning object structure.
  2. You create a planning area based on the above master planning object structure. Proceed as in standard Demand Planning.
  3. Note

    Key figures that you want to use in CBF cannot contain the calculation type N (no disaggregation) for disaggregation. This type is not consistent with CBF. You can use all other calculation types and time-based disaggregation types.

  4. After you have made the CBF specific settings (see Settings for CBF in APO), you create a planning book. You assign key figures and characteristics as in Demand Planning. Be sure to assign the three (APO/BW) characteristics for CBF to the planning book. The system then takes the CBF-characteristics/combinations from the CBF profile and tables and includes them in the planning book.


Since the permissible number of CBF characteristics/combinations is not limited, the number of key figures that are allowed in CBF planning books has been limited for performance reasons. You can use up to 20 key figures. This includes the key figures for the proportional factor (APODPDANT).


In contrast to standard Demand Planning, you must also manually assign the key figures that are to be used for fixing to the planning book. In interactive planning these key figures can only be displayed. SAP recommends that you also hide them when designing the planning book in interactive planning.

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