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Use this function to translate macro descriptions and alert texts into your logon language.


The macro was defined or the alert was triggered in a system whose logon language was different than the current logon language.


The language in which macro descriptions and alert texts appear in a planning book is determined as follows:

  1. If available, the texts are shown in the logon language.
  2. If no texts exist in the logon language, English is shown.
  3. If no texts exist in English either, any other available language is shown.

The language in which an alert text appears in the Alert Monitor is determined by the language in which you were logged on when the alert was triggered.


To translate macro descriptions or alert texts into the current logon language, overwrite the foreign language texts in the planning book. When you save the planning book, the texts you entered are saved as the macro descriptions and alert texts of the current logon language. The foreign language texts are retained for the original language system.

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