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Use advanced macros to perform complex calculations quickly and easily.

Macros are executed either directly by the user in interactive planning or automatically at a predefined point in time during a background job.

The definition of macros is optional.

You do not have to write macros yourself. Some stock level and days' supply macros are also delivered with the standard SNP planning books. You can create your own planning book for SNP using one of the existing books as a template, and copy the standard macros to the new book.


You create an advanced macro either when creating or chaning a planning book in Customizing, or in design mode of interactive planning. You can define a macro either for an entire planning book or for a specific data view.



       1.      You have created a planning area.

       2.      You have created a planning buckets profile.

       3.      You have created a planning book with at least one data view.


You can:

·        Control how macro steps are processed through control instructions and conditions.

·        Build a macro consisting of one or more steps.

·        Control how macro results are calculated through control instructions and conditions.

·        Use a wide range of functions and operators (see Operators and Functions in Macros).

·        Define offsets so that, for example, the result in one period is determined by a value in the previous period.

·        Restrict the horizon in which the macro is executed to a specific period or periods.

·        Write macro results to either a row, or a column, or a cell.

·        Write the results of one macro step to a row, column, cell or variable, and use them only in subsequent iterations, macro steps or macros.

·        Trigger an alert in the Alert Monitor showing the outcome of a macro execution.



To create authorizations for the creation and execution of macros, choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Roles from the SAP Easy Access menu. For more details see Structure linkAuthorization in Supply Network and Demand Planning.


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