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Defines the content and layout of the interactive planning screen. Similarly they are the basis for background planning. They allow you to design the screen to suit individual planning tasks. A planning book is based on a planning area. There is no limit on the number of planning books you can have for a planning area.

In the planning book you define the following elements:

You can configure these and further elements of the interactive planning screen (such as the position of columns and rows, the use of colors and icons in rows, the visibility or not of rows, the appearance of the graphic, and macros) by using the context menus in interactive design mode

In a planning book you specify with which functions you want to work. APO Demand Planning comes with preconfigured views for:

·         Univariate forecasting (time series forecasting)

·         Causal analysis

·         Composite forecasting

·         Promotion planning

You also define one or more of your own data views. Such views enable you to:

·        Define user-specific planning horizons

·        Select different key figure subsets for different planning tasks

·        Add rows containing actual data from the current year and/or the previous year

·        Configure the appearance and use of individual rows and columns

·        Define macros


Planning books support the online simulation of multiple planning scenarios, consistent planning throughout your enterprise (top down, middle out, or bottom up), drilling up and down, aggregation and disaggregation, slice-and-dice techniques, and the ad-hoc creation of different planning situations.


To create authorizations for planning books, choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Activity Groups (User Roles) from the APO menu tree.


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