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The data mart in APO consists of InfoCubes. In the InfoCubes, you store actual data and older planning data. If you have a data warehouse, such as the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW), the DP data mart is a subset of the data from your data warehouse.

To set up the data mart, you use the Administrator Workbench. The Administrator Workbench is the tool with which you load data into the InfoCubes from a source system. The Administrator Workbench in APO provides an identical set of functions to the functions in the Administrator Workbench of the Business Information Warehouse (BW). You can also use the APO Administrator Workbench to load data into BW from APO.

The data mart setup process consists of the creation of InfoCubes in APO and the loading of actual and/or planned data. Actual data can be used as input for time series forecasting or causal analysis, or for a comparison of the demand plan with actual demand. Planned data could consist of forecasts submitted by individuals or departments, such as product line forecasts from sales representatives.

For more information about the Administrator Workbench, see the SAP Business Information Warehouse documentation Administrator Workbench.


Have your systems administrator include the authorization profile S_RS_ALL in your user profile.

To find out how to create an InfoCube and populate it with data, see:


If you have a BW system, it can be run on a separate instance than APO.

For information on how to exchange data between InfoCubes and planning area see Exchange of Data Between InfoCubes and Planning Areas.

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