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Procedure documentation Releasing the Demand Plan with Mass Processing Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this procedure for releasing any amount of data from Demand Planning to Supply Network Planning in the background. You must use it for large amounts of data, for example whole planning books.


  1. You have created a data view for this task. The use of a separate data view to release a mass demand plan has performance benefits. The data view contains:

The start date for which data is released is the first day of the planning horizon. The planning horizon is defined in the data view you specify in the planning job.

  1. See also Release of the Demand Plan to SNP.


  1. Structure linkCreate a release profile.
  2. Structure linkCreate an activity.
  3. Structure linkCreate a planning job.
  4. Structure linkSchedule the planning job.
  5. Structure linkReview the results in the job log, and take any necessary action.
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