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Process documentation Fine-Tuning of the Demand Plan Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


By making manual modifications, you can fine-tune the demand plan. Management overrides are one example of this. To document a modification, write a note in the demand planning table and attach it to the cell and the level in which you made the modification.


Process Flow

  1. When creating your planning area, include key figures you want to use for fine-tuning.
  2. Create a planning book that includes rows for fine-tuning; for example, a row or rows in which the demand planner maintains the forecast, a row for the forecast modification to be entered by the demand manager, and a row for the fine-tuned forecast.
  3. Define any macros that you need; for example, a macro that calculates the sum of the demand planner's forecast and the demand manager's modification, and writes the result to the fine-tuned forecast row.
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