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To be able to use some of the MacroBuilder menu functions, you need some additional information, which you can find below. The functions described here are available to you if you access the MacroBuilder as a stand-alone application (Demand Planning or Supply Network Planning ® Environment ® Current Settings ® Macro Workbench) as opposed to through interactive planning.


Menu Option


Edit ® Import Macro(s)

Imports either all macros or one macro from another planning book.

After the import, check the macros in the target book. This is especially necessary if the source book contains key figures that are not in the target book. If required, make the appropriate adjustments. Then activate the macros in the target book.

Edit ® Edit User Function…

Adds a function that you have programmed in your own system to the list of possible operators/functions in the MacroBuilder.

You have programmed the function and defined the corresponding interface in transaction SE37. In the dialog box, which appears after choosing the menu entry, enter the technical name of the user function. Choose Enter. Another screen appears in which you select the interface parameters of the function. You must select the exact same interface parameters that you used when defining the interfaces of the user function.

Note that the parameters GRID_LINES, GRID_COLS, GRID_CELLS, GRID_FIXED_LINES; GRID_FIXED_COLS and GRID_FIXED_TAB are obsolete and should no longer be used. If you use one of these parameters in a user function, the performance may suffer when a macro is executed that uses this user function.

Settings ® Expert Mode On/Off

If you turn the export mode off, certain fields are not visible on the attribute screens of macro elements.

Utilities ® Versions

See Structure linkMacro Book Versions

Utilities ® Test Macros

A new screen appears with an empty test planning book. You can enter test data in the grid and select a macro that has been generated. Choose Execute Macro to test the macro. Similarly you can test the default macros by choosing the Default button.

For more information, see SAP Note 893691.



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