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When you introduce a new product or phase out an existing product, you expect the demand to be noticeably different to that in the “mature” phase of the product’s life. Phase-in/out modeling lets you take this behavior into account.


In the master forecast profile that is used for the selection the Lifecycle Planning Active indicator has been set.

Process Flow


       1.      You create the basic settings for lifecycle planning, specifying the characteristics to be used and whether aggregated lifecycle planning is to be used as described in Setting Up Lifecycle Planning.

       2.      You create phase-in/out profiles as described in Creating Phase-In/Out Profiles.

       3.      You assign phase-in/out profiles as described in Assignment of Lifecycle Profiles.

       4.      You execute the forecast, either in interactive planning or in batch processing.

       5.      The system first checks if a profile is assigned to the characteristic values combination for the past period. If so, it corrects the historical data. It then carries out the forecast. If a profile has been assigned to the future period, it changes the forecast data.

In contrast to previous releases the system takes wild cards in to account. The basic settings contain the characteristics for sales organization, location, and product. The following assignment has been made:

Sales org.








You enter interactive planning and drill-down from sales organization 1000 to product P1 and start forecasting. The profile Phase-In1 is used.


However if your selection is more general than the assignment, that is at a more aggregate level the phase-in profile is not used. In the above example if the selection consists only of product P1 and there are several sales organizations and location for this product, the profile is not used. If you require this functionality, use aggregated lifecycle planning. See Aggregated Lifecycle Planning with Like Modeling.

       6.      The system displays the corrected data in the case of interactive planning, or writes it to the forecast key figure in the case of batch processing.

Manually Starting Phase-In/Out in Forecasting

If you have maintained the basic settings for lifecycle planning for the planning area, you can directly assign a phase-in/out profile to the current selection in forecasting (started from interactive planning). Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text on the forecasting screen. A dialog box appears in which you can assign a phase-in profile and a phase-out profile to the current selection as well as editing the time series. When you then choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text, the profile is applied to the selection and the results changed correspondingly.


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