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Planning products are products that are used mainly for planning purposes. In some circumstances, they can be produced or procured. A planning product is assigned one or more final products that are produced or procured.

Planning products group final products together. This means that products can be aggregated for planning purposes, while retaining all the functions associated with products in SAP APO.


Planning products are used in SAP APO in requirements strategy 40 and similar user-defined strategies. The planning product is used for planning purposes in Demand Planning, SNP, and PP/DS.

Planning products can be used to generate dependent requirements.

Planned independent requirements for planning products are consumed by sales orders for the final products.


In SAP APO, the assignment of final products to a planning product is performed using hierarchies. SAP provides a standard hierarchy called PLANNING PRODUCT for this purpose. This hierarchy has only two levels: Planning product and location product.

For more information about hierarchies, see Structure linkHierarchy.

If you are working with SAP R/3, you do not need to enter hierarchies manually. The system does this automatically when you transfer the master data from SAP R/3. For more information, see the Integration section.

If you are not working with SAP R/3, you need to edit the hierarchy (choose Master Data ® Hierarchy) and enter the name of the hierarchy on the initial screen). Select the top hierarchy node and use the context menu to make the necessary entries.

Settings for Products in SAP APO

In both the planning product and the final product, the proposed strategy on the Demand tab page of the location product master data should be set to 40 Planning Product.


You can create planning products in SAP R/3 (here they are called planning materials) and assign them final products (finished products). 

Here is a short overview of the process:


       1.      Create the planning material. You make the following settings in the material master record:

¡        Set Strategy Group (on the MRP 3 tab page in the standard system) to 60 Planning with Planning Material or a similar strategy

¡        Set Item category group (on the Sales Organization tab page) to NORM or a similar group

¡        Make settings for consumption (on the MRP 3 tab page)

       2.      You assign finished products to a planning product by entering the name and plant of the planning product in the material master record of the finished product (MRP 3 tab page). You can also enter a conversion factor here. However, this is ignored in SAP APO. You must also set the strategy group and the item category group to the same values as above. Do not make any entries for consumption because the planning product is consumed.

For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP R/3 in the Demand Management component under Planning with a Planning Material (60).

       3.      Create or append an integration model that contains the following:

¡        All products with locations

¡        The planning material specifically (this is a separate entry in the integration model)

¡        Sales orders for the final products

¡        ATP check







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