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Procedure documentation Creating an Activity Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have created a macro in a planning book that was designed for this task.


  1. In Customizing for Demand Planning, choose Define Activities for Mass Processing
  2. In the Activity screen, enter a name and a short description for the activity.
  3. Choose Create.
  4. In the Header Settings box, enter the planning book and if applicable the data view for which you defined the macro.
  5. Click on the Macro tab.
  6. On this tabstrip, specify which macros you wish to be executed:
    1. Select Macro, Initial macros, Default macros or Final macros.
    2. If you selected Macro, choose the macro to be executed in the field beside this indicator.
  7. Check and, if necessary, change the sequence number in the Action counter field.
  8. For example, executing a directly executable macro might be action 1 and executing the default macros might be action 2.

  9. Choose Edit ® Copy action.
  10. The action appears in the actions list in the middle of the screen, with a red arrow beside it.

    To delete an action, place your cursor on it and click Delete action. If you do this, the system automatically renumbers the remaining actions.

  11. Repeat steps 5 to 8 until you have finished entering your actions.
  12. You can combine actions of different types (for example, macros and the release to SNP, in one activity).

  13. Choose Activity® Save.
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