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Procedure documentation Creating an Activity Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      To access this screen from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Demand Planning ® Planning ® Demand Planning in the Background ® Define Activities for Mass Processing.

       2.      In the Activity screen, enter a name and a short description for the activity.

       3.      Choose Create.

       4.      In the Header Settings box enter the planning book and the data view for which you wish to run the forecast.

       5.      On the Forecast tabstrip, specify the forecast profile on which the forecast should be based.

       6.      If you wish a background forecast for the selection specified in the mass processing job to always use this forecast profile, check the box Always use job profile. Otherwise, the system uses the selection it finds in the master forecast profile under Goto ® Assignment. The system records here the last forecast profile to be used for a selection. Unless you specify otherwise, it assumes that you want to use this forecast profile with this selection the next time you run the forecast.

       7.      Specify whether you wish alerts to be issued for the job and whether or not you wish existing alerts to be overwritten by the new alerts.

       8.      Select the error messages for which you wish a forecast to be saved. If a message is issued that you have not selected, the forecast is not saved.

       9.      Check and, if necessary, change the sequence number in the Action counter field. You use the scroll buttons on the right hand side of the field to change the sequence of the actions.


Ensure that no results are saved between each individual action.  This means that it is not possible to schedule a sequence of actions in which an action depends on the results of a previous action. If, however, you want this to be the case, you must create multiple background jobs. If you then schedule the jobs, you can specify the sequence in which they are to run.

   10.      Choose Edit ® Accept action.

The action appears in the Actions list in the middle of the screen.

If you need to delete an action, place your cursor on it and click Delete action. If you do this, the system automatically renumbers the remaining actions.

   11.      Repeat steps 5 to 9 until you have finished entering your actions.

   12.      Choose Activity® Save.



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