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In interactive Demand Planning, there are different ways you can calculate and display cell values in the planning table.


Calculate Column Totals

For this, use the functions in the menu under Settings ® Row Totals. These functions refer to columns in the planning table. The system displays the total of the corresponding cell values in a separate totals column. You can have the totals of the following columns displayed:

     All columns or selected columns

     Columns with historical values

     Columns with future values

When you have selected one of these functions, the totals column remains visible. If you no longer need the totals column, you can hide it.

Calculate Totals of Individual Cells

For this, right mouse click on a cell (it may be necessary to hold down the CTRL key) and in the context menu, choose the function Calculating… ® Total.

The system displays the total of the selected cell values at the bottom left in the interactive planning status row.


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