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Increasingly, companies operating worldwide are forced to globalize available information in order to conduct business efficiently. Specifically, this means that information has to be made available across system boundaries as quickly as possible to provide optimized decision support. Global ATP can be used in heterogeneous system landscapes to provide required information as quickly as possible. Global ATP is one of the central methods of SAP APO that utilizes SAP liveCache. The data is stored in SAP liveCache in the form of ATP time series.

Global ATP contains the functions for the ATP check in SAP APO. This includes Transportation and Shipment Scheduling, which is carried out in SAP APO. The ATP check – also known as the availability check – represents an online search that should ensure that your company can provide the requested product at the requested time in the quantity requested by the customer. The ATP check can use the basic methods to determine if a requirement can be confirmed.

The basic methods, that are also known in SAP R/3, have been enhanced in SAP APO by new methods. These include:

Combination of Basic Methods

Capable-to-Promise (CTP)

Multilevel ATP Check

Rules-Based ATP Check

Correlation Calculation

In Capable-to-Promise (CTP) and the multilevel ATP check, Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) is called to cover the requirement, while in the rules-based ATP check, substitutions can be checked to confirm the requirement. The correlation calculation corresponds to an enhanced function of Delivery Group Correlation in SAP R/3.

You can use Backorder Processing to reset the confirmations from an ATP check and to reallocate them.

The Explanation and Simulation of the Availability Check allows you to display the check results and simulate the ATP check. You can also simulate Transportation and Shipment Scheduling there.


Calling the ATP check from SAP APO


Required Component

·         Capable-to-Promise (CTP)

·         Multilevel ATP check

Structure linkATP Check in the Order

Structure linkProduction and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)

Backorder processing in Vehicle Scheduling

Structure linkTransportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS)

Calling the ATP check from SAP R/3


Further Information

Sales and Distribution Processing (SD-SLS)

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Planned Order Processing (PP-MRP)

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Production Order Processing (PP-SFC)

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Purchasing (MM-PUR)

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Demand Management (PP-MP-DEM)

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Inventory Management (MM-IM)

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Batch Management (LO-BM)

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Calling the ATP check from other components using the BAPI ApoAtpCheck (execution of an ATP check); business object BUS10400


Further Information

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)

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