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Overview documentation Accessing Function Modules Using Function OCX (VB) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Call a function module from the R/3 system using the SAP Function Control and display the data in a table using the Table View Control.

The application shall

Overview: Unit Objectives

In this unit you will learn how to



The Function Control is an OCX control that allows external VB applications to remotely call the R/3 system. It is based on the OLE Automation technology and allows you to handle parameters, data transfer, and function calls very comfortably.

The Function Control acts as container for a collective object and for the specific function objects. To use the Control, you must first create a collective object using the VB statement CreateObject. To connect to the R/3 system, you need a connection object. You can get this object either via the Logon Control or directly as a property of the newly created collective object. You get any further objects, such as the specific function objects, from the underlying object hierarchy by calling methods or properties.

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