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Function documentationPosting Counting Results


Note Note

We recommend that you follow the standard practice of creating an inventory counting document first and then posting the counting results.

If you skip the step of creating a base inventory counting document, inventory records in the system are automatically adjusted after you add an inventory posting document. If you make any mistake entering your counting results in the inventory posting document, you have to make manual adjustments afterwards to correct the inventory records.

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You have two ways to post your counting results based on one or more inventory counting documents:

  • Copy-to method: Open an existing inventory counting document and copy it to a new inventory posting document.

    For more information, see Copy To Method.

  • Copy-from method: Open or create an inventory posting document and copy from one or more inventory counting documents.

    For more information, see Copy From Method.

Copy Options for Multiple Counters

For multiple counters, either the copy-to or copy-from method copies only one set of counting results to the inventory posting document. For example, if you choose to post the team counting results or an individual counter's counting results, only the specified set of counting results is copied.

Depending on the counting type and selected counters, the following copy options are available:

  • Items with No Counters' Diff.: The system copies only items for which all counting results are the same.

  • Total Counted Qty: The system copies the sum of all team counters' counted quantities for each item.

  • <Individual Counter> - Counted Qty: The system copies the specified individual counter's counted quantity for each item.


To have counting results in a specific row of an inventory counting document copied to the inventory posting document, the following requirements must be met:

  • You have selected the Counted checkbox in the row.

  • The counted quantity you intend to copy is different from the in-warehouse quantity recorded in the system.

After Posting Counting Results

After you add an inventory posting document based on inventory counting documents, rows that are copied to the inventory posting document are automatically closed and items in these rows are "unfrozen". However, some rows may remain open because there is no difference between the in-warehouse quantity and the counted quantity. You cannot create new inventory counting documents for the items recorded in the open rows. Similarly, items in the open rows remain "frozen" and you cannot record any inventory transaction for them. To solve these issues, you must go back to your base inventory counting documents and manually close the documents.

For more information, see the descriptions about the checkbox When Copying Inventory Counting to Inventory Posting, Close Counted Rows with Zero Diff. in Document Settings: Per Document Tab.

More Information

Two ways of creating inventory posting documents based on inventory counting documents are:

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