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Procedure documentationRecording Transactions from External Statements


To record transactions from external bank or business partner statements, you can enter information manually or automatically. Later, to reconcile these transactions with the transactions recorded in the books, use the reconciliation function.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Start of the navigation path Banking Next navigation step Bank Statements and External Reconciliations Next navigation step Process External Bank Statement End of the navigation path.

    Note Note

    In few localizations the menu entry Process External Bank Statement is invisible by default. To display this feature click the Form Settings (Form Settings) icon, and select the Process External Bank Statement option.

    End of the note.

    The Process External Bank Statement window appears.

  2. From the G/L Account dropdown list, select G/L Account if you want to record transactions from your bank statements, or select BP if you want to record transactions from your business partner’s statements. Specify the code of the G/L account or business partner for which you want to record the transactions.

    The Page Currency field automatically displays the currency defined for the G/L account or the business partner you specified. This is the currency in which the amounts posted to this page are calculated.

    Note Note

    If All Currencies is defined for the specified G/L account or the business partner, the currency displayed is the local currency; reconciliations and transactions of All Currencies entities are performed and calculated in the local currency.

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  3. Move the cursor to the first empty row and specify the information as it appears in the statement you received from the bank or the business partner.

  4. If you record transactions from your bank statements, to create an automatic incoming payment linked to an existing invoice, in the table area select the Create Payment checkbox and specify the customer code and the existing invoice number. For more information, see Automatically Creating Incoming Payments to Reconcile Bank State.

  5. To save the information, choose Update.


SAP Business One updates the list of external transactions and the expected current balance of the G/L account or the business partner according to the statement. You can later reconcile those transactions.