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To manage inventory items by different UoMs (units of measure) applicable to your business, you need to define the individual UoMs in this window. These are the units in which the items will be purchased, sold, and stocked. You can later group associated ones together as a set of UoMs with a definition of its conversion rules.

To access this window, choose   Administration   Setup   Inventory   Units of Measure  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Enter a unique code for the UoM.

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You cannot remove a UoM code if it is already assigned to a UoM group.

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Unit Name

Enter the name for the UoM.

Length, Width, Height, Weight

The default UoMs for these fields are the default length UoM and weight UoM specified on the Display tab of the General Settings window. You can also enter the UoMs manually.


The application automatically calculates the volume according to the length, width, and height you have defined, and displays the result in the grid. You can change it by manually entering a different value, but the values in the Length, Width and Height fields will be cleared immediately.

Volume UoM

Select a volume UoM from the dropdown list. The default volume UoM corresponds to the default length UoM specified on the Display tab of the General Settings window.