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Procedure documentationPrinting Additional Bar Code Types Locate this document in the navigation structure


With SAP Business One you can print the most widely used bar code types: EAN 13 and Code 39.

By following this procedure, you can also print other bar code types.


You have saved the required bar code fonts on your computer.

Note Note

You can obtain bar code fonts from the Internet.

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  1. To install a bar code font in the Windows font library, choose   Start   Control Panel   Fonts   from the Windows taskbar.

  2. From the menu bar, choose   File   Install New Font...  .

  3. Navigate to the required font and choose OK.

  4. In SAP Business One, open the required print layout in the Print Layout Designer, create a new field, and define it as Free Text or Database.

  5. In the Field Properties window, go to the Format tab.

  6. In the Font field, select the bar code font from the dropdown list.


When the document is printed, the content of the new field is printed as a bar code.