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Use this window to define sales employees and buyers, and to set the default sales employee / buyer.

Assigning the relevant sales employee / buyer to the respective business partners, and later to each sales or purchasing document, enables you to do the following:

  • Generate sales analysis and purchasing analysis reports by sales employee or buyer

  • Gauge the sales / purchasing volume achieved by each sales employee / buyer

If you change a sales employee / buyer name, the change is applied retroactively to all the documents, business partners, and other entities to which the specific sales employee / buyer was linked.

To remove a sales employee / buyer, choose the corresponding name, right-click, and choose Remove.

You can filter and sort sales employees / buyers by the columns.

Note Note

Removing a sales employee / buyer linked to documents, business partners, and so on is not possible.

However, you can deactivate a sales employee / buyer that is no longer active by deselecting the Active checkbox in the Sales Employees/Buyers window.

End of the note.

To access this window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Sales Employees/Buyers  .

Sales Employee Name

Enter the name of the sales employee of up to 155 characters (can be alphanumeric).


Enter a remark for each sales employee, for example, to identify the region or industry in which that sales employee is active (optional).

Set as Default

The default sales employee appears automatically in bold (editable) in the master data and transactions; the entry can be changed, as required, in each case.

We recommend defining a different default sales employee for each group of users.


Specify an employee that is not yet linked to a sales employee / buyer. SAP Business One automatically creates a counter link for the corresponding employee.