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Use this window to define the languages your company requires when dealing with foreign business partners. The window displays all the default languages set up by SAP Business One during the creation of the company.

You can define additional languages and relate each one with a system language in SAP Business One. For more information, see Adding and Removing a Language.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Languages  .

Note Note

The Languages – Setup window is available only if the Multi Language Support option is selected on the Basic Initialization tab of the Company Details window. To access the Company Details window, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   Basic Initialization  .

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Languages - Setup Window Fields
Language Short Name

Language code; for example, DE is the language code for German.

Language Full Name

Full name of the language.

Related System Language

The languages available in SAP Business One. You must relate a system language to every new language you add.