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Use this procedure to create bar codes for an existing item.

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If you enter the Bar Codes window from item master data, start from the third step of the procedure to create bar codes for the item.

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  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Inventory   Bar Codes  .

  2. In the Item No. field, enter an existing item number and choose the Find pushbutton or press Enter. The item description and UoM information are automatically filled in once the item is found.

  3. In the UoM list on the left, select a UoM. The inventory UoM is displayed in bold and selected by default. If the UoM group is Manual for the selected item, only Manual is displayed in the UoM list.

  4. In the bar code area on the right, enter bar codes and their descriptions for the selected UoM.

  5. The application sets the first bar code as the default bar code for the corresponding UoM.

    • To change the default bar code, select another bar code and choose the Set as Default pushbutton.

    • To view all the bar codes in the application, choose the Bar Code List button.

  6. Choose the Update pushbutton, and then the OK pushbutton.

Note Note

Updating or deleting a bar code does not affect the previous transactions in which the bar code was used.

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