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Use this tab to define business partner addresses, which are used as the default billing/paying and shipping addresses for the various documents in SAP Business One.

To access the tab, choose   Business Partners   Business Partner Master Data   Addresses  .

To add a new address, under Bill to, Pay to, or Ship to, choose Define New.

  • For vendors, you can define as many Pay to and Ship to addresses as required.

  • For customers, you can define as many Bill to and Ship to addresses as required.

To delete an address, do one of the following:

  • In the address list on the left, select an address name on the left, and in the menu bar, choose   Data   Remove Address  .

  • On the Addresses tab, right-click and select the Remove Address option.

Addresses Tab Fields
Street/PO Box, Block, Building/Floor/Room, City, Zip Code, County, State

Specify the address information.

To select a state, first select the appropriate country.

Note Note

The Zip Code field:

  • In Japan, it is an 8-character string, composed of 7 digits and a hyphen as the fourth character, for example, 123-4567.

  • In Brazil, it is a 9-character string, composed of 8 digits and a hyphen as the sixth character, for example, 12345-678.

The field Building/Floor/Room appears only in the address formats of China, Korea, Japan, Brazil and India localizations.

The field County is specific to Brazil. It becomes accessible after you select the country and state.

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GLN (Global Location Number)

Represents an address or a business partner. This field is alphanumeric and 50 characters long.

The GLN displayed on this tab is retrieved by default from the Company Details window.


The country selected when the company was created.

You can specify a different country. When specifying a Bill to/Pay to country other than the one defined for your company, the following message appears: Change accounts receivable/payable?

  • Select Yes to change the control account of this business partner to the EU Accounts Receivable/Payable or the Foreign Accounts Receivable/Payable defined in the G/L Account Determination window.

  • Select No to leave the Domestic Accounts Receivable/Payable as the control account for this business partner.

Note Note

You can change the default country in the Pay to or Bill to address only under one of the following circumstances:

  • Business partner is connected to a sales opportunity, sales order, sales quotation, activity, or item.

  • Business partner is not connected to any document.

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Set as Default

Sets the selected address as the default address for this business partner in all sales and purchasing documents or in incoming and outgoing payments.

You can set one default Bill to/Pay to address and one Ship to address.

Default addresses are displayed in bold letters.

Show Location in Web Browser

Opens a Web browser and displays the business partner's location in a Web map with the browser. For more information, see Working with Map Services.

Country-Specific Field: US, Canada, and Chile
Tax Code

Specify the default tax code in sales documents when this shipping address is selected.

Relevant for customer/lead Ship to addresses only.

Country-Specific Field: Europe
Federal Tax ID

Specify the business partner's federal tax ID. The federal tax ID of the default ship-to address is copied to all marketing documents related to this business partner. For the sales documents, when you change the ship-to address on the Logistics tab, the federal tax ID is automatically updated on the Accounting tab.

The federal tax ID of the default ship-to address remains identical to the federal tax ID in the general area. Updating either value updates the other.

Country-Specific Fields: India
Excise Information

A field that appears after you specify a Pay to address for a vendor or a Ship-to address for a customer.

Choose to enter/update excise-related fields in the form.


Specify the state from the dropdown list.

Country-Specific Fields: Brazil

Select the county after selecting the country and state.

Address Type

Specify the kind of address, for example, avenue.

Street No.

Specify the numeric location on the street.

Fiscal IDs

Choose Browse (Browse) to open the Fiscal IDs window.

Note Note

This field appears when you select a Ship-to address for a customer or lead.

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Country-Specific Fields: Italy
Alternative BP Name, Alternative Tax ID

Enter information for the blacklist country report. For more information, see Preparing the Blacklist Country Report (Italy) and SAP Note 1593235.

Note Note

These fields appear when you select a Pay-to address.

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