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The Common Functions widget enables you to organize and access your most frequently used functionalities. For faster access to your documents, reports, and queries, you can add any SAP Business One menu options and SSP developed menu options to this widget as shortcuts.

To add or remove a menu option for this widget, perform the following procedures:


  1. To add a menu option for this widget, drag a menu option and drop it in the widget.

  2. To remove a menu option from this widget, drag the menu option out of the widget widow, and then drop it.

SAP Predefined Cockpit

Content of the Common Functions Widget


  • Sales Opportunity

  • Sales Quotation

  • Sales Order

  • Delivery

  • A/R Invoice

  • Dunning Wizard

  • Items Master Data

  • Price Lists

  • Business Partners Master Data


  • Service Call

  • Customer Equipment Card

  • Service Contract

  • Solution Knowledge Base


  • Journal Entry

  • Journal Voucher

  • Incoming Payment

  • Outgoing Payment

  • Reconciliation

  • Checks for Payments

  • A/R Invoice

  • A/P Invoice

  • A/R Credit Memo

  • A/P Credit Memo


  • Purchase Quotation

  • Purchase Order

  • Goods Receipt PO

  • Goods Return

  • A/P Invoice

  • Purchase Analysis

  • Items Master Data

  • Business Partners Master Data

  • Inventory in Warehouse Report

  • A/P Down Payment Invoice

  • A/P Down Payment Request

    Note Note

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    A/P down payment invoice and A/P down payment request are not available for the following localizations:

    • Russia

    • Israel

    • Japan

    • Korea

    • China