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Use this window to view the overall information of an asset.

To access the window, proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Fixed Assets   Fixed Asset Reports   Asset Status Report  .

  2. In the Asset Status Report - Selection Criteria window, specify the selection criteria and choose OK.

    The Asset Status Report window opens.

Asset Status Report Window Fields
Asset No.

Displays the asset number.

Asset Description

Displays the description of the asset.

Asset Class

Displays the asset class to which the asset is assigned.


Displays the asset's current status – New, Active or Inactive.

Asset Group

Displays the asset group to which the asset belongs.

Depreciation Area

Displays the asset's associated depreciation areas.

Depreciation Start Date

Displays the asset's depreciation start date.

Depreciation End Date

Displays the asset's depreciation end date.

Useful Life (Months)

Displays the asset's total useful life, in months.

Remaining Life (Months)

Displays the asset's remaining life at the beginning of the fiscal year selected in the report selection criteria.

Depreciation Type

Displays the depreciation type assigned to the asset in each depreciation area.