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Note Note

You cannot create a draft cancellation document, nor cancellation documents, using the document generation wizard.

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Note Note

In the Russia localization, you can reuse the document numbers of canceled documents and cancellation documents. For more information, see Reusing Document Numbers (RU).

In the Brazil localization, you can reuse the nota fiscal numbers of canceled documents. For more information, see Reusing Nota Fiscal Numbers (BR).

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  • You have full authorization for canceling documents with cancellation documents.

  • You are still within the time range allowed for cancellation after posting the document.

    The time range is determined by your definition of the Max. No. of Days for Canceling Marketing Documents Before or After Posting field in the Document Settings window. For more information, see Document Settings: General Tab.


  1. Find the particular document you want to cancel.

  2. Right-click in the document window and choose Cancel, or choose   Data   Cancel  . A cancellation document appears with the title <Document Type> – Cancellation.

  3. In the cancellation document window, make the necessary data updates.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Define at least one cancellation series in advance and use a document number of a cancellation series. For more information, see the description of the Cancellation checkbox at Series - Document - Setup.

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  4. Choose the Add pushbutton.

The following figure illustrates the cancellation of an A/R invoice based on deliveries:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Editable Fields when Creating a Cancellation Document

When creating a cancellation document (in Add mode), you can edit the following data:

  • Document numbering series, and numbers of the manual series

  • Posting Date

  • Due Date

    Note Note

    The due date is automatically updated according to the posting date and payment terms. If there is only one installment, you can edit the Due Date field directly. If there is more than one installment, you change the due date by changing the posting date and the installment settings of the payment terms.

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  • Document Date

  • Remarks

  • Attachments

  • Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary: VAT Date

  • Japan: Closing Date

  • Mexico:

    • CFD electronic documents process: Generation Type, Electronic Doc. Number, El. Document Export Format

    • CFDI electronic documents process: Generation Type, El. Document Export Format

After a cancellation document is added, you can edit as much data as for other closed documents of the same document type.