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Use this window to reallocate serial items to a new bin location.

To access the window, choose the Reallocate Bin Locations pushbutton in either of the following windows:

  • Serial Numbers - Setup

  • Serial Number Management - Update

Table Area

To indicate you want to reallocate the serial item to a new bin location, select the checkbox in the relevant row.

To select multiple rows, use the Shift key on your keyboard while selecting the checkboxes.

Mfr. Serial No.

Displays the manufacturer serial number of the item.

Serial Number

Displays the serial number of the item.

Lot Number

Displays the lot number of the item.

Bin Location

Displays the bin location to which the serial item is currently allocated.

To view the details about the bin location, open the Bin Location Master Data window by choosing Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to the left of the bin location code.

General Area
Reallocate to Bin Location

Specify a bin location to which you want to reallocate the selected serial items.