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Use this window to specify the payment means for the tax payment.

Tax Category

Displays the tax categories.

Payable Amount

Displays the payable amount for different tax categories.

Payable amount is collected from journal entries of A/R invoices, A/R credit memos, and manual journal entries. The latter include journal entries created from stock transfers and posted in a selected period, and which are still open for VAT payment.

Note Note

Invoices or credit memos generated before the current release are also included.

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Credit Amount

Displays the credit amount for different tax categories.

Credit amount is calculated:

  • From journal entries of A/P invoices, A/P credit memos, and manual journal entries

  • Up to the date defined in To Date in Tax Payment Wizard Step 2: General Parameters

Payment Amount

Displays the payment amount.

Direct payment Amount

Displays the direct payment amount.

If this amount is above zero, click Payment Means (Payment Means) on the menu bar to specify the payment means and the amount.

After you have settled the payment, choose Next.

Note Note

The payment means amount must equal the direct payment amount; otherwise, an error message appears when you choose Next.

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