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Use this window to define the freight distribution information for the current sales or purchasing document.

To open the window, choose the Sales – A/R or Purchasing - A/P module and choose any document from one of the modules. In the Freight field, click Link Arrow (Link Arrow), and in the Freight Charge window, Total Tax Amount field, click Link Arrow (Link Arrow).

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The Freight field appears only if you have selected Manage freight in Document Settings. To access it, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   General  .

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Freight Distribution Details Fields
Distribute Freight

Specify whether to distribute the expense to the item (Yes) or not (No).

Distrib. Method

Displays the distribution method of each specific expense. This field cannot be changed.

Distrib. Amount (LC)

Displays the automatically calculated distribution amount in local currency. This field cannot be changed.

Tax Code

Tax code for each expense.

Tax (LC)

Displays the tax amount in local currency for each distributed expense. The application automatically calculates this amount when relative fields change.

To modify the tax amount, click Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to open the Define Tax Amount Distribution window.

Wtax Liable

Specifies the freight as liable to withholding tax.

Last Purchase Price

Using the drop-down list, select to update the last purchase price list, after adding an A/P invoice that includes the freight amount per row.


Specify whether to add the freight amount in the row or total of the item cost; calculated when working in perpetual inventory.

Note Note

This above two fields only appear in documents from the Purchasing - A/P module.

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If required, specify the project to which the distributed freight charge of each item is allocated. If you defined the project in the Freight - Setup window, the field displays the project code by default.