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Procedure documentationCreating Financial Report Templates Based on Existing Templates Locate this document in the navigation structure


There are cases when it is required to create a financial report template that is similar to another financial report template that already exists in SAP Business One.

Example Example

Subsidiaries of a parent company report their activity on a daily basis. The parent company would like to create a profit and loss report on a monthly basis to their respective subsidiaries, to show the total for each subsidiary in the books. The chart of accounts of the parent company identifies each subsidiary using segments. The parent company creates a profit and loss financial report template for one subsidiary, which is a slimmed down version of the parent company’s profit and loss statement, and now has to create similar templates for the other subsidiaries.

End of the example.


  1. From SAP Business One Main Menu, choose:   Financials   Financial Report Templates  . From the Report dropdown list, select the required financial report.

  2. From the Template dropdown list, choose Define New. A setup window, indicating in its name the selected report, appears.

    Example Example

    If you have selected in step #1 the value Balance Sheet, when selecting the option Define New from the Template dropdown list, the window Balance Sheet Templates — Setup appears.

    End of the example.

    Specify a name for the new template, and choose the Update button. Choose the OK button.

  3. In the Financial Report Templates window, select from the Report dropdown list the financial report whose template is going to be used as the base template, and from the Template dropdown list select the required template.

  4. From the Data menu, choose:   Advanced   Copy to Template  . The Choose Copy Template window appears.

  5. From the Report dropdown list select the financial report for which you have defined the new template in step #1, and from the Template dropdown list, select the new template. Choose the OK button.

  6. In the Financial Report Templates window, choose the Update button.


In the Template Details section, select the new template. You can see that it is a copy of the base template. You can now make any adjustments if required.