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To access the function, choose one of the following from the SAP Business One Main Menu:

  •   Purchasing – A/P   Recurring Transactions  

  •   Sales – A/R   Recurring Transactions  

  •   Inventory   Inventory Transactions   Recurring Transactions  

The Recurring Transactions window appears, displaying all transactions that are scheduled to be executed today. It also displays transactions that were scheduled for days in the past, but have not been executed so far.


You have defined a recurring transactions template. For more information, see Managing Recurring Transactions Templates.


Filtering Recurring Transactions

If there is a large number of recurring transactions in the system, you may want to narrow down the number of transactions displayed, for example, according to the area you work in. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Filter Recurring Transactions... button.

    The Filter Recurring Transactions window appears.

  2. To exclude transactions for all document types in a particular area, deselect Sales – A/R, Purchasing – A/P, or Inventory.

    To exclude transactions based on certain document types, deselect the relevant document type, for example, sales order or goods issue.

  3. To save the filtering criteria, choose Update.

    The application displays the recurring transactions according to your filtering criteria.

Executing Single Recurring Transactions
  1. Select the recurring transaction that you want to execute and choose the Link Button (Link Button) of the transaction.

    This opens the document that is to be posted.

  2. If necessary, edit the document.

  3. To execute the transaction, choose the Add button.

    The application posts the transaction you selected.

Note Note

You can also execute single recurring transactions from the business partner area. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a business partner master data record and choose the You Can Also button.

  2. Select the “View Related Recurring Transactions” option.

    The Recurring Transactions for Business Partner window appears.

  3. Proceed as described in steps 1–3 above.

End of the note.
Executing Recurring Transactions by Batch
  1. Select all instances of recurring transactions that you want to execute.

  2. Determine what the application should do in case a system message or error occurs. For example, prompt for user confirmation, skip to the next transaction, or ignore all system warnings and continue executing the transactions.

  3. Choose the Execute button.

    The application posts the transactions you selected and displays a summary of any system messages or errors and the application's response.

Removing Instances of Recurring Transactions
  1. Select one or several instances of recurring transactions.

  2. Choose the Remove button.

    The application removes the transactions you selected.

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