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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Campaign Information
Campaign No.

Automatically generated number the application assigns to this campaign.

Campaign Type

Select from the dropdown list the type of the campaign.

Default type: E-Mail.

Campaign Name

Specify a name for the campaign.

Target Group

Opens the List of Target Groups window. Select one group of targeting prospects for the campaign.

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When you are trying to change a target group for an existing campaign, you receive a message: You have specified a new target group. Do you want to replace all existing BPs in the “Business Partners” tab with the new target group BPs?

Choose Yes to replace all existing business partners with the business partners in the target group. Choose No to change the target group without changing the business partners in the Business Partners tab.

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Status of this campaign. Default status is Open.


Opens the List of Employees window. Select one employee from the list to take charge of this campaign.

Start Date

Specify a start date for the campaign.

Default start date is the system date.

End Date

Specify an end date for the campaign.

Created by Campaign Generation Wizard

The checkbox is automatically selected when you are viewing a campaign generated by the campaign generation wizard.


Shows whether this business partner exists in the Business Partner Master Data or not.

  • When the checkbox is selected, it means that this business partner exists in the Business Partner Master Data.

  • When the checkbox is deselected, it means that this business partner is not yet added to the Business Partner Master Data. You may have added this business partner in the Target Group window or in the Campaign window.


Marks a business partner's response status for this campaign.

Select the checkbox when this business partner responds the campaign.

In the Campaign List report. you can view the total number of business partners who respond to your campaign.