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Use this procedure to perform VAT corrections for A/R and A/P credit memos when required.


  • You have defined tax groups in   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Tax Groups  .

    VAT corrections are based on tax group definitions.

  • You have added new tax groups in the Tax Groups – Setup window that will be specified and used as the correction tax codes.

    • You have chosen, for the correction tax groups, accounts that are used only for this purpose.

    • You have specified for each relevant tax code the proper correction tax group.


When you need to correct the VAT for an A/R or A/P invoice:

  1. If the tax group involved in the invoice to be corrected does not have a correction tax code, define one.

  2. Open an A/P or A/R credit memo (depending on the invoice type), and choose Invoice to open the Choose from List window, which displays the available invoices.

  3. Choose the invoice to be corrected, and copy it to the credit memo.

  4. The tax code appearing in the drawn rows is the correction tax code that is defined for the original tax code in the invoice to be corrected. Change this tax code if required.

  5. Add the credit memo.


After the credit memo is added, the tax transaction is posted to the account defined for the correction tax group.