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Function documentationCreating Business Documents for Branches: Brazil Locate this document in the navigation structure


  • You can specify a branch only in the header area when creating the following documents:

    • Sales and purchasing documents

      Note Note

      A landed costs document is added to the same branch as its base document — goods receipt PO or A/P invoice.

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    • Goods receipts and goods issues

    • Receipts from production and issues for production

    • Inventory counting, inventory posting, and inventory opening balance

  • You must select a branch in each row of the following documents:

    • Journal entries

      You can post the transactions to more than one branch. However, the journal entry has to be balanced per branch.

    • Journal vouchers

    • Recurring postings

  • You select a warehouse in the header area to decide the branch for the following documents:

    • Inventory transfers and inventory transfer requests

    • Production orders

    Note Note

    For the inventory and production documents, the warehouses can still be different from row to row, as long as the warehouses are all assigned to the branch displayed in the header area.

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