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In the Tax Report Generation window, you further select the transactions to be included in the 340 tax report.

Tax Report Generation Window Fields
Tax Declaration Name

Tax declaration name as specified in the Tax Report Generation—Selection Criteria window.

Submission Number

Sequential unique identifying number for the report generated by the application. You can change this number, if required; for example, if the tax authority requires you to use a specific number that differs from the suggested number, or if you have submitted other reports prior to those filed through SAP Business One. You can enter a maximum of four digits.

Previous Submission Number

Submission number of the report that was replaced or adjusted.

Tax Report Period

Reporting period.

VAT Number

Declarer’s fiscal identification number.

Declaration Number

Sequential number generated by the application. The format is 340XXXXYYZZZZ, where:

  • 340 indicates that the report is a model 340 report.

  • XXXX is the reporting year.

  • YY is the reporting period (month or quarter).

  • ZZZZ is the submission number.

Manager Name, Phone Number

Active manager’s name and company phone number as specified in the company details.

Transaction Total

Number of transactions included in the report.


Select the documents that you want to include in the report.

Already Approved

Indicates whether a document has already been included in a model 340 report.

Reg. No

Successive number of the records, beginning with the value defined in the Tax Report Generation—Selection Criteria window.

Doc. No.

Internal number of the document and its type; for example, A/P invoice number 110007 is displayed as PU 110007.

Base Amount

Total amount of the document before taxes.

EQ Base Amount

Base amount for calculating equalization tax in the document.

Tax %

Tax rate defined for the tax code, as a percentage.

EQ %

Equalization rate in percent, if defined for the tax code.


Amount of the nondeductible tax in the document, calculated according to the tax code definition.

Total Amount (LC)

Total amount of the document in local currency.

Error Report

To display errors that occurred when creating the report, choose this button.