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Use this window to define a new sequence for Nota Fiscal, or set the existing sequence as default for a specific Nota Fiscal.

To open this window, choose Assign Sequence to Document in   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Nota Fiscal   Sequence for Nota Fiscal  .

Sequence - Specific Document Window Fields

Sets the sequence as default.


Specify the sequence series.


Select a branch for the sequence settings.

Note Note

This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches.

End of the note.

Specify the sequence sub-series.


Specify a number to be assigned to the first document entered in the system. Subsequent documents are automatically numbered sequentially.


Displays the number that will be assigned to the next document of the same type.

  • Value updated for each new document created in the system.

  • If the value in this column is not equal to the value in the First column, then:

    • Documents of this type have already been entered

    • The numbering of this document type can no longer be changed


Specify the last number that can be assigned for a document of this type. Use only if you need to define an additional numbering series.


Specify a Nota Fiscal model.


Locks the sequence for use.

Set as Default

Sets the selected sequence as the default for the document type in the Sequence for Nota Fiscal - Setup window.