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The following table describes the fields that appear in the Tax Codes - Setup window. You can define possible tax codes in this window.

To access this window choose:   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax  .

Tax Codes - Setup Window Fields
Code, Description

Specify the code and short description of the tax.


When the checkbox is selected, you cannot select the corresponding tax code in any window or add any document with an inactive tax code. It is deselected by default.

Tax Type Combination

Specify the predefined tax type combination.

CFOP Incoming, CFOP Outgoing

Specify the CFOP code. These fields are mandatory when at least one of the following tax categories is linked with tax types selected against the particular tax code: PIS, IPI, COFINS, ICMS.

Tax Type

the tax types which have been defined in the tax type combination


Specify the tax code.


The description of the selected tax code

CST Code Incoming

Specify the CST code. This column is enabled on lines whose tax type is linked with a tax category other than ICMS.

CST Suffix for ICMS

Specify the last two digits of the CST code. This field is enabled on lines whose tax type is linked with tax category ICMS.

Formula Code

The formula code of the selected tax type

Sales Tax Account, Purchasing Tax Account, Non-Deductible Acct, Purchase Tax Expense Acct, Sales Tax Expense Acct

G/L accounts defined for the tax code

Included In Price

Indicates that the tax is included in the price already. The field value here is copied from tax parameter, and you cannot change it in this window.

Included in Gross Revenue (IPI/PIS/COFINS)

Shows whether the tax is included in the Gross Revenue amount when posting sales transactions.

Non Deductible %

The non-deductible tax percentage defined for the tax code.


Shows whether this tax is exempted.

Effective From

The effective period of the tax code