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In the workflow template, a task usually has multiple participants. After the task is picked up, the task owner is able to forward the task to another user for processing.

For example, a Sales Order task has a sales manager as its participant. After task pick-up, the sales manager can forward this task to any suitable salesperson to process it.

Or, if one of the participants is no longer an employee, the task owner can forward the task to other users. You do not need to redefine the workflow template.


  • You have the authorization to access the Workflow Worklist window.

  • You are the owner of the task.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Workflow   Workflow Worklist  . The Workflow Worklist window appears.

  2. From the Status dropdown list, select In Process. The table lists all the tasks that are in process. For the task you want to forward, click the link arrow to the left of the Task ID. The Task Details window appears.

    Alternatively, select the row of the task you want to forward, and choose the Details pushbutton. The Task Details window appears.

  3. In the Task Details window, choose the Forward pushbutton. The List of Users window appears.

  4. The user list table displays all the users of the company. Select the user to whom you want to forward the task.

  5. Choose the Choose pushbutton.