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The GB Interface wizard enables you to generate data files from SAP Business One in compliance with the National Standard of PRC (standard number: GB/T 19581-2004). The wizard guides you through the steps needed to export the data. The GB Interface wizard supports both English and Chinese UI, from which the data file is exported in Chinese only.


  • You have activated GB Data Interface.

    To activate GB Data Interface, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   Basic Initialization   tab, and select Enable GB Data Interface.

  • You have the authorization to use the GB Interface wizard.

    To set the authorization for GB interface use, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Authorizations   General Authorization  .

  • You have set the export path for GB Interface.

    To set the GB Interface export path, choose   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings   Path   tab. In the GB Data Interface Folder field, choose to set the path of saving the exported data files.

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Once you have activated GB Data Interface, you can use the GB Interface Wizard to export data.

  1. To access the GB Interface wizard, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   GB Interface Wizard  . Alternatively, access it from the Reports module.

  2. In step 1 of the wizard, select one of the following 16 data files, in compliance with the National Standard of PRC:

    • Electronic Account Book

    • G/L Account Master Records

    • Departments

    • Employees

    • Business Partners

    • Projects

    • G/L Account Balance

    • Accounting Vouchers

    • Enterprise’s Balance Sheet

    • Enterprise’s Profit and Loss Statement

    • Enterprise’s Cash Flow Statement

    • Devalue Provision of Enterprise Assets

    • Shareholder’s Rights and Interests Changing Report

    • Enterprise’s Profit Distribution Report

    • Small Enterprise’s Cash Flow Statement

    • Enterprise’s VAT Payable Detail Report

  3. Step 2 of the wizard displays the chosen data file window. In the input fields, specify the required information.

  4. Choose Finish. The system saves the exported report in a *.TXT format and saves a GB description report: GSSM.TXT.

Note Note

On each GB Interface Wizard window, you can choose Next to proceed, Back to return to the previous window, or Cancel to leave the wizard.

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