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You search in the Add mode when creating a business transaction. For example, to create an A/R invoice, you need a customer and an item, which you find by running a search.

SAP Business One may contain customers with similar names. In such cases, entering additional search criteria runs a more efficient search.


  1. Choose   Sales - A/R   A/R Invoice  .

    The A/R Invoice window appears in the Add mode.

  2. Use one of the following to enter customer details, and then choose the relevant customer:

    • If you do not know the customer code and name, pressing Tab or choosing Choose From List (Choose From List) produces the List of Business Partners displaying your customer codes.

    • If you know the first character of the customer code or name, specify it, followed by an asterisk (*). For example, entering C* and pressing Tab produce a list of all customer codes starting with C.

    • If you know a partial customer code or name, placing it between asterisks (*) and pressing Tab display a list of all records that fall within this range.

    • If you know the full customer code or name, entering it in the field and pressing Tab displays the appropriate details in the window.

  3. Once you have filled in the relevant details for the customer and the item, proceed with the A/R invoice as described in Creating Sales Documents.